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cute goldendoodle puppy


Tesla is six years old now and he is friendly, happy, and wonderful!  - Tesla’s Grandma

We have Jake, who is a puppy from Rosco and Curly Sue. He us now a year old. Jake is smart, loving and one of the best dogs we have ever had! He is the perfect size for us at 33 pounds. We highly recommend your kennel! People ask us all the time where we got him. People remark he is joy on 4 legs!  - Sheila

Hi VaLois! My boy Biscuit's doing great. He's such a Golden! He'll fetch any time of day! He is also an awesome swimmer, and a beautiful boy. Thanks so much for this lovable goofball!  - Maria

Valois, we're so happy with our little girl, Penny! She's incredibly smart. Just after two days at home now and she's using our automatic pet door! We are so in love! We will send pics. - Sue

VaLois: Can't stop singing Spooky's praises! He is a fantastic puppy and my husband and I think he is the best doggy we've ever had! He's 9 months now, so I'll be taking photos so you can see how he's progressing. It's uncanny how much he looks like Benny. Thank you again for this perfect puppy!  - Sharon

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