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Health Guarantee

Our puppies receive vaccinations along with de-wormings.  You will receive a shot and worming record with the puppy.  Neo Par vaccination is given at 4 and 6 weeks.  First 5-way vaccination is given at 8 weeks of age.  Your puppy will need another vaccination at 11 and 14 weeks of age. As the new owner of the puppy, you agree not to take the puppy to public places or socialize with unvaccinated dogs until after their final vaccination.

Puppy Information

Your puppy eats Life's Abundance Sm/Med Breed Puppy Food.   We have been using this food for awhile now and are more than pleased with it.   I would recommend keeping your puppy on this food and the supplements for his/her entire life as well.    There are never any guarantees that a dog will be free of a genetic disorder from past generations.  Since we may not know if there are potential weaknesses in a dog we believe that the healthiest possible diet and vitamins can help reduce the chance of these potential weaknesses from hindering their quality of life, should they occur.  Please see the Nutrition page to learn more and to order your food and supplements.

Ownership Terms and Conditions

As the new owner of this puppy, I understand that I can if I choose - take my puppy to a veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession of said puppy.  All costs are the sole responsibility of the new owner.  In the event of a serious illness you can return the puppy for a full refund.  If further treatment is needed and you choose that treatment lildoods will help with that treatment up to but not exceeding the purchase price of the puppy.

I understand that worms and stress related issues such as giardia and coccidia are common with a new puppy and they are not a cause for refund or vet bills.  They can manifest themselves in a puppy that feels stressed by going to a new home and new environment.   They are easily treated and not a reason for concern.

 I understand this puppy shall be spayed or neutered by the new owner between 4 and 7 months of age, and confirmation must be sent to Lildoods by the age of 8 months.  

I understand that  Lildoods fully guarantees this puppy for 1 year (from birth) to be free of genetic defect.  We feel so strongly about health and wellness of your puppy that we  offer an additional 2 year health guarantee, total of 36 months, if you keep your puppy on the Life's Abundance food and supplements we use and recommend.  If you choose to end using our recommended food choice, or not order, the guarantee extension ends at that time.  Please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Genetic Illnesses

Feeding a high quality, all natural diet helps your puppy develop a healthy beautiful coat and will strengthen the immune system helping your puppy be more healthy and will extend your dog’s longevity.  You will also save a lot of money at the veterinarian.  The foods we feed and recommend have never been recalled and use only the highest ingredients. 
  The following genetic illnesses will be subject to compensation if all procedures are followed:

1) Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

- Severe case (must be life threatening or requiring pain medication or surgery)
- As diagnosed by OFA or OVC. An OVC grade 3+ of OFA moderate to severely dysplastic is warranting for refund or puppy replacement.

·         I understand all testing and examinations are the sole responsibility of the new owner.  Should one of the above listed defects be found, the purchaser has a choice from the following two options:

1)      ½ refund of original purchase price of the puppy (shipping costs are not included in a refund, as they are an extra that we offer)

2)      A replacement puppy will be offered if the refund is not taken.

- As the purchaser you understand that a replacement puppy from the next available litter of our choice shall be placed with you.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

As the owner you are responsible for pick up or shipping costs of this new puppy.

I understand this Refund or Replacement is only valid upon all completing of information.

I understand that Lildoods  require all veterinary conclusions from your own veterinarian plus another opinion from a secondary veterinarian of our choice.  All records, x-rays, exams, conclusions, vet certificates ect. are to be forwarded toLildoods immediately following the initial diagnosis.

I understand the hip and elbow guarantee shall be null and void if any of the following conditions apply: Your puppy is determined to have been overweight at any time, not desexed at appropriate age, involved in a serious fall, been hit by a car, allowed to go up and down stairs in excess prior to one year of age, physically injured or not kept on Life's Abundance Nutritional dog food and Supplements.  You are now the central caregiver, and as such shall agree to care for this puppy to the best of your abilities.

This contract is void if the dog is sold to anyone other than the above stated buyer.  If unforeseen problems arise and you cannot keep the puppy, we will help you rehome the puppy or you can return the puppy to us to rehome. 

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