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Lil Doods

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Bringing years of experience in rearing Goldendoodles

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The LilDoods Mission

At Lil Doods, near Seattle, our mission is to bring joy and companionship to families by breeding healthy, happy, and well-socialized Goldendoodles. We are dedicated to responsible Goldendoodle breeding practices that prioritize the well-being, temperament, and nutrition of our puppies. By fostering a nurturing environment and maintaining high standards of care, we strive to create lifelong bonds between our Goldendoodle puppies and their new families. As a community, we aim to educate and support our clients, ensuring every Goldendoodle finds a loving and committed home. Discover the perfect Goldendoodle for your family at Lil Doods.

Health Certificate

Decades of Experience

Quality Nutrution

Family Owned Business

Open Range Raised

Countryside Camping


Miniature Goldendoodles are basically an exact replica of our fun-loving and adorable Standards, except that all that love and affection is stuffed into a much smaller (sometimes more convenient) package.  Our Miniatures range anywhere from 15-25 pounds and are an ideal match for the animal lover looking for the ease of a more mobile dog that requires less space without compromising the desirable temperament of a 60 pound Goldendoodles.   Who could possibly resist a dog that hardly sheds, is easy to transport, and is the picture-perfect size between the too big and the too small?  Oh, and have we mentioned how rewarding it is to place a puppy with a person who has never had the opportunity to be “owned” by a dog due to allergies?  Yep, that’s life with a Goldendoodle for ya.

Doodle Resources

We send all our puppies home with 30 day free pet insurance through trupanion.

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